Sunday, October 25, 2009

Third week in Sao Paulo at the Mission Training Center Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things have basically been the same here. We still go to class and study all the time. We can now teach the first lesson in Portuguese for about 15 minutes. Well, me and Elder Titus can.
I got sick on Wednesday with the same cold that gets everyone. I still have a pretty congested nose and I cough, but it's going away slowly. The doctor here has like one remedy for everything! We are instructed to snort salt water up our nose til we gag. I tried it once, then never again because it did not even work.
My Portuguese is starting to fit together better now. Our class time seems super inefficient, but everyone still seems to be learning, so that's good.
I am getting pretty good at volleyball, it's kinda hard not to be good with so much practice. I never imagined that one one of the few things I would miss from the United States is soccer. I still can't believe they don't even have a ball.
The food here is still fine. I have not had any kind of indigestion from it, so that is a plus. I have now lost two pounds since my arrival, that's pretty dang exciting I guess. But really I just think is is my muscles gelatinousizing lol.
This week 63 new Americans are coming in and 17 Brazilians. It's going to be be so crowded at meals and stuff. Most people get to move in with the Brazilians about this stage of their MTC stay. I really, really hope I get to move in with some. That would be so prime for learning. All of the Brazilians that arrived a day after us are leaving this week. I made friends with a couple on our floor, they were definitely cool.
The guys in my district all get along really well. No arguments or anything. Anyways, just keep doing right.
Love you all.
Elder Joey

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