Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seventh week in Sao Paulo Mission Training Center October 13, 2009

Somente dois mais! Tal Vez...Ola novamente! I only have one more after this one gets sent, it's hard to believe! It has gone by so incredibly fast. It's still hard to believe that I'm even here, and now I am leaving! So crazy. I leave on the 23rd I believe. UPDATE: So on Wednesday we were told that Richard G. Scott might/may very likely make an appearance here at the CTM on Sunday the 25th, so we were all heartbroken BUT this afternoon (Friday) we were informed that the Porto Alegre missionaries will leave on the 21st, and we will leave to Londrina on the 27th! So, Elder Scott will be in Sao Paulo for a conference with the mission presidents the weekend of the 25th. So there is a good chance that he will stop and address us here at the CTM! (It would seem criminal not to!) And we will be able to see him! Everyone is stoked about it!
A bunch of Londrina-bound Brazilians (I think six) arrived on Thursday. They all seem like really nice dudes. I'm excited to get to know them a little more. So if there are six of them, we will be sending 17 missionaries to Londrina on our transfer! That will be so cool.
I have been working on my fitness so I don't add weight. I usually run either one or two miles per day. It actually is alright running, it is very good for releasing stress/pressure. Our track is 115 meters 14 laps is a mile. I'm so excited for Kenny! Russia...I bet he will do an excellent job. If it is possible, tell him congratulations from me.
Mom, I'm glad you wrote in Hungarian. The Hungarian elders were getting sad with nothing to translate haha. That blog idea sounds great! How the heck did the Olympic Committee say no to Oprah!? If she and Obama can't, no one can. It seems strange to give Brazil the Olympics two years after the World Cup. They should share the wealth of world events! Oh well, with any luck, America will be hosting in 2022. At which time I could easily have children who hate soccer! I would just disown them and adopt Brasilians, they like it a bit more.
Everyone's Portuguese is improving a ton. I can now talk with the Brazilians about more than just futebol, it's nice.
So our departure date is actually completely up in the air. The MTC President doesn't know, the guy who coordinates it all is just like never around. So we don't know when we leave. We might leave the 21st which would make this our last P-day. I hope this is false, because the next week will be very important and eventful. We are going proselyting in the city, like downtown, on Friday. I'm so excited for that! So I leave here in two weeks at the latest, eight days at the soonest.
Sounds like Charlotte is doing so much good at the orphanage, it would really be a shame if she got thrown in prison. But that would make for quite the experience!
Evan left this morning at 3 am so we talked a lot and made our last freestyle song/rap of the MTC. It is so funny. Our band is either Hard Boys, Ladrao de Coracao, or Heartless Moms. I think the last one is the most funny because all of our friends have very nice, loving mothers.
I get so excited when I think about my group of friends all being on missions, it's so cool! Spencer, I know it still seems like forever away, but I'm already so excited to find out where you are going. Just always have it in the back of your mind to be preparing for your mission.
Matisyahu has become quite the sensation on our floor, he will have at least 10 more fans when we return. I got a haircut, it is very short but I like it. I hope my hair still looks fantastic long when I get back or I will be so dang sad. I am writing this while balancing on one foot in my room with my friends. Elder Jensen and I were seeing who could balance on their left leg for the longest time. We both lasted about seven minutes.
Anyways, thanks for the letters. Love you all, thanks so much for all your love and support!
Ate lugo,
PS I just finished my pastel, it was phenomenal! Dad, you should make Doce de Leite for mom and Spencer. Mom, I hope your birthday is special, even with only one child to celebrate with! But me and Char will be partying in our hearts. Dad, make good frosting!
Muito Amor

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